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If you're like me, you may have sent a message off to Simon praising him for his enlightened works... Of course, if you sent critical mail to him, screw off. *grin* Anyway, Simon get's swamped by mail from fans, so as a service, here's what you'll get if you do send him a message... It'll save you some time, perhaps, and him some mailbox space. To preserve the structure of his faq, i had to use the *gasp* "pre" command, so that's why it doesn't look too great to some of you. Ahh well... cheers!

Congratulations on sending me mail and it getting here (and getting a reply)

This is the BOFH FAQ file created in response to the sporadic queries that I
get regarding my creation.

	Q1.  Can you mail me BOFH?
	A1.  No

	Q2.  Can you tell me where to get BOFH?
	A2.  Possibly.  It should be available on Anonymous FTP at the
		following site(s).  It may not be up to date at all tho:		in	/misc/fun/humor/simon/bofh	in	/pub/misc/doc/misc/BOFH	in	/users/i/n/infidel/.Backup
	(old)	in	/pub/humor/computer.jokes

	     Other than that, go to archie with the regex string:

	Q3.  How many were there?
	A3.  Well, it's a little grey for me, but to my knowledge there was:
		2	pre-BOFH texts (Striped Irregular Bucket Series)
		~15	BOFH real
		2	Bastard System Manager from Hell
		2 or 3	Bastard Operator from Britain
		1	Last Bastard Operator from Hell
		1 more  Bastard returns briefly
		(There's probably a discrepancy as I didn't keep a hot copy
		the whole time so I may have missed one somewhere.
		There were two "full" reposts to my knowledge:
			"The Executive Relief" and  (prior to BOFB)
			"The Penultimate REREPOST" 
		The Penultimate REREPOST (or REPOST) is the last compilation
		available, so if you have that, you have it all.

	Q4.  Will there be any more?
	A4.  Not that I know of.  I doubt it, but you never know what the
		hell will happen when I'm bored.  Don't bank on it tho.
		Late Note:   Could be.
	Q5.  Is any of it true?
	A5.  None of it.  P.s.  You have a lot of free disk now.  Don't thank
		me, it was my job.

	Q6.  Why did you do it?
	A6.  At first because I was bored.

	Q7.  Did you ever *really* do any of that stuff when you were an
	A7.  The 5th

	Q8.  Can I use the BOFH in my magazine/newspaper?
	A8.  What the hell.  The only things I ask are:
		1.  You acknowlege the author (me!)
		2.  You don't edit it  (If it sucks, don't use it)
		3.  If your magazine/newspaper is earning a shitload of
			cash it would be nice to see some of it ;-}, or
			AT LEAST the magazine/newspaper.
		4.  Even if you're not getting a shitload of dosh, I'd
			still just like to get a copy of your magazine,
			book, paper whatever, just to know how it's

	Q9.  Where can I send the shitload of cash?
	A9.  To me!:	Simon Travaglia 
		C/-	University of Waikato Computer Centre,	
			Private Bag 3105
			New Zealand

	Q10.  When did the last one come out?
	A10.  Mid March 1994

	Q11. When did the first one come out?
	A11. I was hoping you wouldn't ask that.  I don't know, I didn't
		pay attention at the time, I didn't think it would catch
		on.  (I got a few bits of angry mail from people who didn't
		like it)

	Q12. Have you written anything else?
	A12. Yes, but mostly in the bad taste market.
		has directory called 'simon' that has some of my stuff
		in it.

	Q13. I'm a psych grad - what was BOFH's motivation?
	A13. That realisation that Computer Operators rule the world!

	Q14. Is that the lot then?
	A14. Ah.  Well, there's a WWW distribution at Waikato University

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