Jupiter's New Moon

Jupiter XVII?

   S/1999 J 1 is the outermost of Jupiter's known satellites:
        orbit:    about 24,200,000 km from Jupiter
        diameter: 10 km?
        mass:     ?
   If confirmed, it will probably be named for yet another of Zeus's lovers.

   Discovered by the Spacewatch project and the Minor Planet Center in 2000 from images taken in 1999.

   Observations with the VLT in July 2000 confirmed the existence of 1999J1 and refined our knowledge of its size and orbit.

   This moon appears to be another member of the group that includes Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae, and Sinope and probably shares a similar history.

   This moon may be the smallest of the moons of a major planet in our solar system. But its size is still not well known; probably between 10 and 15 km in diameter.

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