Various Misc Cases

It seems that you always need a section that will encompass various miscellaneous cases that don't really fit well in a particular topical grouping. That's what will end up here.

Bernstein v. USDOJ

U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

This case concerned the export of encrypted software, classified as a 'munition' by FedGov. There are some strange issues surrounding the export of encryption software even today, when many of the regulations have been at least somewhat relaxed.

Idaho v. United States

(00-189) 210 F.3d 1067, affirmed.

This case concerns a State versus Federal land issue.

Federal Election Commission v. Colorado Republican Federal Campaign Commission

(00-191) 213 F.3d 1221, reversed.

This case concerns contributions to federal election campaigns.

New York Times Co. v. Tasini

(00-201) 206 F.3d 161, affirmed.

This case concerns a writer for the NYTimes who was not compensated by the company when his articles where included in a database of NYTimes articles.

United States v. United Foods, Inc.

(00-276) 197 F.3d 221, affirmed.

At it's heart, this is a case concerning Free Assocation.

Florida v. Thomas

(00-391) Certiorari dismissed for want of jurisdiction.
Reported below: 761 So. 2d 1010.

This case concerns when the Supreme Court can have jurisdiction over a case.

Lorillard Tobacco Co. v. Reilly

(00-596) 218 F.3d 30, affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded.

This case has to do with federal pre-emption.

Reno v. Condon

(98-1464) 155 F.3d 453, reversed.

This case concerns the "Drivers License Protection Act".

Department of Commerce v. United States House

No. 98-404, 11 F. Supp. 2d 76, appeal dismissed; No. 98-564, 19 F. Supp. 2d 543, affirmed.

This case concerns the census and whether FedGov can use statistical sampling in the census. Can affect the number of representative that might be allocated to a state.

Nevada v. Hicks

(99-1994) 196 F.3d 1020, reversed and remanded.

This case concerns state jurisdiction over territory that is part of an indian reservation.

Good News Club v. Milford Central School

(99-2036) 202 F.3d 502, reversed and remanded.

This case involves a school that attmpted to refuse use of school property to an organization because it was Christian.

Palazzolo v. Rhode Island

(99-2047) 746 A. 2d 707, affirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded.

This case concerns property rights.

Eldred v. Reno

D.C. Cir. Opinion

This case concerns copy right law. It is, in my opinion, a big loss for all of it as it has direct negative influence on the volume of works that are in the public domain.

Zadvydas v. Davis

(99-7791) 185 F.3d 279 and 208 F.3d 815, vacated and remanded.

This case, while not the normal type of case I would post here is important nonetheless because it concerns conditions where a person not charge with a crime can be held in detention by FedGov.

State of Idaho v. Horiuchi

98-30149 Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of Idaho

For those who are unaware, Lon Horiuchi is the FBI agent who shot a woman in the head while she was armed only with her baby. This particular case goes to prove that Orwell was right: Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

William Jefferson Clinton, Petitioner v. Paula Corbin Jones

As you might guess from the title, this is the Supreme Court opinion concerning ex-president Clinton and Paula Jones