The Supreme Court decision on Obamacare was, in my opinion, a mess. The pretzels that Roberts had to tie himself into to make the law stand Constitutional scrutiny were extraordinary.

The oral arguments heard before the Supreme Court were an unprecedented two days in length. The first day largely concerned the commerce clause and related issues. The second day concerned the 'individual mandate' section of the bill and severability - that is, whether any part of the bill should stand if any part of it was declared unconstitutional.

My apologies for not having html of these transcripts available. The PDFs came from the Supreme Court, and I was able to convert them to epubs, but my attempts at converting to html was simply too damned messy to publish. If you've got an ebook reader, the epub files work pretty well.

The Opinion was issued on 06/28/12. I've got 3 different types of markup of the decision. The Supreme Court issues opinions as a PDF file. Cornell's LII converts it to HTML, and I create Epubs for ebook readers.