I initially hesitated to put this on my page, as I don't particularly agree with the writer's opinions as they regard Isreal, the PLO and Hamas. However, he has an important point to make about the fact that Lying Scum Freeh will use the fact that those organizations the U.S. (Feral) Government considers to be "terrorists" can obtain and use high-quality encryption as a screen behind which to hide when he proposes to take away our freedom by restricting the availablility of unbreakable cryptography.

The government has shown it's hands in the latest rounds of the bills before the congress regarding encryption technology. They want unfettered access to read =all= communications, now matter where they occur or what the content. If you want to keep your private thoughts private, you will be equated with a "terrorist", "pedofile", or (shudder) militiaman! Lines have been drawn ladies and gentlmen.


Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 05:26:02 +0000
From: "Attila T. Hun" <attila@hun.org>
Subject: Call to arms against F[reeh,uck] [was] PGP and Hamas v. ZOG


on or about 970928:1225 
    Tim May <tcmay@got.net> purported to expostulate:

    [snip Brad Dolan's announcement of Hamas crypto use...]

+But I told you all this several weeks ago. Through sources I have no
+intention of discussing, I discovered that PGP 5.0 is indeed being used
+by the Palestinia freedom fighters in their war against the Zionist
+occupiers of their homeland.  They got 5.0 shortly after it was
+released...and got it their forces by more direct means that that
+"public relations fig leaf" of scanning in source code.

    I'm sure they, like ANY other "terrorist", "undesirable", "foreign",
    "despicable" USG or LEA denigrated "scum" had an unlimited number
    of PGP5 copies the day it hit Egghead, or probably long before, and
    they were all using earlier, more manual, versions before that. 

    just how long after you walk out of Egghead does it take to send a
    copy to anywhere in the world. Of course, the _approved_ "gentlemen"
    such as the Karen freedom fighters rebels in Burma and other
    "approved" freedom fighters were probably given a hand carried
    copy from our state department.  I wonder if the Taleban fanatics
    received a courtesy copy?

    in other words, our clueless and power hungry, privacy denying 
    incompetents in Washington missed the boat again. If Hamas
    Liberation Fighters or the Freedom Fighters whatever, can not get US
    encryption, they will be forced to use inferior Russian encryption 
    --yeah, right!  justice is served?  does Washington really believe
    they can stop worldwide encryption if they stop US encryption. 
    America, the international 800 lb gorilla bully? Not in this case,
    you can not control crypto with guns anymore than you can forever
    suppress free speech.

    Next, as Tim points out, is the domestic political issue and the 
    total stupidity of the Clinton administration as they sacrifice
    smart diplomacy to satisfy a vocal and overly influential minority
    whose interests are completely contrary to the American reality. A
    zionist is a zionist before s/he is an American.

    and it is these same activists who will sell out our own privacy and
    security as US LEA and their friends kneejerk themselves into
    banning raw crypto, and castrating the Bill of Rights, justified by
    the hysterical "fact" HAMAS is free to pursue their policies of
    liberating their stolen land with PGP!  HAMAS did it before without
    PGP; life goes on.
+(The Palestinian farmer living in Jaffa, with title going back several
+generations, is not much impressed when a Jew from Krakow arrives with
+ZOG soldiers to expel him from his orange groves, citing the Old
+Testament as his title to the land. Any wonder that he and his children
+and their children think blowing up some ZOG residents is a reasonable

    yup: the United Nations comes in and says that is so; the British
    evicted 300,000 Palestinians from their homes after WWII to cover
    their guilt of the Holocaust [actually, the reason the Brits carved
    up the holy land was to avoid taking all the refugees in], do you
    think that Palestinian farmer cares?  --they're all the same to him.
    kill them all; Allah is just.

    all that farmer knows is that someone he does not know, and for whom     
    he owes no allegience, says that land his family has had since the 
    diaspora is not his --he does not know what the diaspora was, and he 
    does not care.

+I described this use of PGP to some PGP, Inc. employees at the last
+Cypherpunks meeting. Two of them seemed deeply concerned. Apparently
+the "freedom fighters" that Phil Z. so conspicuously refers to, the
+Karen guerillas in the jungles of Myanmar/Burma, are somehow different
+from the Hamas freedom fighters seeking reclamation of their own land
+and destruction of the illegal ZOG state.

    yup, welcome to American liberals.  Read Friedman in the NY Times OpEd 
    pages: aggression is bad anywhere; unless, of course, the Israelis 
    are punishing the wicked Palestinians who have the audacity to
    ask for the land they owned for a 1000 years or so to be returned. 
    how many hundred thousand 'stateless' Palestinians does the King of
    Jordan support and suffer their political restlessness and sores
    from concentration camp conditions? they had homes before 1947. 
    Now, how many millions of stateless Palestinians are spread around 
    the Middle East, fermenting like bad wine?  how many generations of
    Palestinians have never known anything except the deprivation,
    poverty, and statelessness of the concentration camps?

    The Czechs, after WWII, forced over 500,000 ethnic Germans off land 
    they had been a part of for at least 20 generations, with almost 
    200,000 lives lost. anybody bother about that in history?  after 
    WWI, the Turks slaughtered the Armenians by the millions --still 
    denied in history. the list goes on; who's next?  if the US does not
    look after its quickly vanishing ideals, maybe we're next.

    it all depends on your perspective as to who is wearing the white hat; 
    and the official US position is HAMAS is a terrorist entity --NUTS. 
    HAMAS just wants what was taken from them returned; HAMAS actually
    started out as an organization to provide schooling and health care 
    for the Palestinians --and that is still HAMAS' major function. 
    like Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah has been transformed into a militant organization by the 
    military occupation of South Lebanon and Israel's support of the
    Lebanese Christian militia.  Hezbollah does not actually claim they 
    want to take Israel; they just want south Lebanon; sounds to me like
    a resistance movement like the free French in WWII who were legally 
    terrorists in their own land.  Why should Hezbollah be denied PGP? 
    we would have given it to the French Resistance.

    For almost 100 years, US governments have "impartially" considered 
    US foreign interests by the definition that "impartial" means in the
    _economic_ interests of a small class of banker and industrial
    moguls, movers, and shakers --with one major exception:  Israel,
    facilitated via the virtually total ownership and control of US 
    media by zionists:  NYTimes, Washington Post and Newsweek,
    Time-Warner, CBS, ABC, NBC, Disney, Los Angeles Times...  which is
    more than enough to control not only the media itself, but the
    access to the news itself.

    The concept that the US exports democracy and human rights is, and
    has been, a total fallacy in this century.  The United States 
    government is the world's largest dispensor of international terror 
    and governmental meddling --it's only business.

    The democratic ideals which Alex de Tocqueville waxed eloquently
    about American governmment in the 1830s, underpinned by _local_
    government, were washed away with the surrender of states' rights in
    the 14th amendment after the Civil War.

    In this century, the CIA (and predecessors) along with US 
    financial despots, like old Joe Kennedy and Senator Bush, have had a
    hand in either supporting a Hitler [Bush] or a Stalin [Kennedy] or
    de-stabilizing virtually every government in the world at one time
    or another --including destabilizing the Labour party in favour 
    of Iron Maggie's interests within the last 20 years.

    with the changing of the guard in Washington, I wonder if Major's 
    government was destabilized to further Clinton's interests, or to 
    silence the conservative Brits' derision of Bubba?  notice the tone 
    of Brit (well deserved) snotting on Clinton has changed since Tony 
    Blair took office.  

+PGP and strong crypto is spreading quickly to many freedom
+fighters...and even some terrorists (even by my definition). Who
+expected otherwise?

    absolutely so. US foreign policy has not been in the interest of the 
    United States for some time --it has been detrimental to US 
    interests since Bubba and his blind swamp rats assumed power --still
    thinking after 6 years they are on a campaign trail.

    supporting the Israeli political dictatorship who will take (or
    steal by espionage or reverse engineering US donated hardware) our
    secrets and sell them to the highest bidder is not in the best
    interests of the US.  the US learned nothing from the '72 oil
    embargo. and how the US can justify supporting 3 million _expensive_
    non-citizen units with annual multi-billions of our hard earned 
    dollars, while gaining the absolute enmity of a couple billion 
    other non-citizen units is beyond me.

    and Americans at home, even if they have been "informed" that 
    America --not necessarily American individuals-- is the world bully,
    often worse than Russia (or the British Empire, which was rather
    fatherly in many ways), refuses to believe the U.S. still believes
    in gunboat diplomacy --to this day.  pax americana! 

    In one form of another, either by action or inaction --the sin of 
    commission or omission--, the US has dirty hands in the stinging
    indictment rendered against this century by Kofi A. Annan,
    Secretary-General of the UN, given for the MIT commencement ('97)

      I begin with the struggle between reason and unreason.  When the 
      history of the twentieth century is written, this struggle will
      figure very prominently in it.  On the plane of international
      affairs, the outbursts of unreason in this century surpass in
      horror and human tragedy any the world has seen in the entire
      modern era. From Flanders' fields to the Holocaust and the
      aggressions that produced World War II; from the killing fields of
      Cambodia and Rwanda to ethnic cleansing in Bosnia; from the
      twenty-five million refugees who roam the world today to untold
      millions, many of them children, who die the slow death of
      starvation or are maimed for life by land-mines--our century, even
      this generation, has much to answer for.

    but-- does this justify limiting the freedoms of US citizens? does 
    this give Mr. FBI movie personality F[reeh,uck] claim to unbridled
    power of surveillance?  F[reeh,uck] thinks it does.

    does the fact that HAMAS chose a superior US encryption product over
    an inferior international product justify banning encryption? US 
    enlightened foreign policy, national security, and LEAs think so.

    F[reeh,uck] and his LEA cheerleaders are nothing more than
    yesterdays dumb farmers who locked the barn door after the horse ran
    away. This does not speak well towards encouraging our confidence in
    the Beltway moles, blinded by years in the tunnel vision of power.

    be prepared for another emergency assault on encryption now that 
    HAMAS is "on board". lock the barn now that the horse is gone.

 "Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other."     
        --Benjamin Franklin
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