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From: Les Lemke <>
Subject: Mike Schroeder Gunned Down At Waco, Texas April 19, 1993

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LL>  If anyone has names and ages of those who died at Mt. Carmel please
LL>  post them in this echo. Things look different when a name is known.
LL>         Name              Age     Information
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Here's one you missed:

Mike Schroeder 25??

Mike was away at the time of the initial assault. He was unarmed, and attempting to get INTO Mt. Carmel. He, and two other men, who were also trying to get back, were walking towards the building. When Mike was a little over 300 YARDS from the building, he was shot by a government sniper. He was hit several times after he fell onto a fence. His body was left there for several DAYS. The government initially reported that they had shot at someone during the night, but then denied it. They continued to deny it until over a week later, when the his parents were notified. His body and medical records (autopsy) were not released until last week. The government autopsy was (in the words of a family doctor who studied it) incomplete, and did not even include blood type.

Mike was married, and had a small child. Mike was a musician. They all lived at Mt. Carmel. There were no problems caused in the marraige, as the government would have us believe. Koresh never made a move, or suggested anything, to Mike or his wife.

You never heard the government tell any of this.

Mike's father told me this.

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