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The following is from "Global Tyranny...Step By Step...The United Nations And The Emerging New World Order." This new book can be ordered for $10 by calling 800-341-1522 (24 hrs, 7 days). This book is also available via AMAZON.COM. Search for "Global Tyranny"

"The site chosen for the debut of the UN's version of "peacekeeping" was Katanga, a province in what was then known as the Belgian Congo. The center of world attention 30 years ago, the name Katanga draws a complete blank from most people today.

Katanga and its tragic experience have been expunged from history, consigned to the memory hole. The region appears on today's maps as the Province of Shaba in Zaire. But for one brief, shining moment, the courageous people in this infant nation stood as the singular testament to the capability of the newly independent Africans to govern themselves as free people with a sense of peace, order, and justice.

While all around them swirled a maelstrom of violent, communist-inspired revolution and bloody tribal warfare, the Katangese distinguished themselves as a paradigm of racial, tribal, and class harmony. What they stood for could not be tolerated by the forces of "anti-colonialism" in the Kremlin, the US State Dept, the Western news media, and especially the UN.

The stage was already set for the horrible drama that would soon unfold when Belgium's King Baudouin announced independence for the Belgian Congo on June 30, 1960. The Soviets, who had been agitating and organizing in the Congo for years, were ready. Patrice Lumumba was their man, bought and paid for with cash, arms, luxuries, and all the women, gin, and hashish he wanted. With his Soviet and Czech "diplomats" and "technicians" who swarmed all over the Congo, Lumimba was able to control the Congo elections.

With Lumumba as premier and Joseph Kasaavubu as president, peaceful independence lasted on week. Then Lumumba unleashed a communist reign of terror against the populace, murdering and torturing men, women, and children. Amidst this sea of carnage and terror, the province of Katanga remained, by comparison, an island of peace, order, and stability. Under the able leadership of the courageous Moise Kapenda Tshombe, Katanga declared its independence from the central Congolese regime. `I am seceding from chaos,' declared President Tshombe, a devout Christian and an ardent anti-communist.

These were the days when the whole world witnessed the cry and the reality of "self determination" as it swept through the African continent. Anyone should have expected the Katanga's declaration of independence would have been greeted with the same huzzahs at the UN and elsewhere that similar declarations from dozens of communist revolutionary movements and pip- squeak dictatorships had evoked.

But is was Tshombe's misfortune to be pro-Western, pro-free enterprise, and pro-constitutionally limited gov't at a time when the govts of both the US and the USSR were supporting Marxist "liberators" throughout the world. Nikita Khrushchev declared Tshombe to be "a turncoat, a traitor to the interests of the Congolese people." American liberals and the rabble at the UN dutifully echoed the hue and cry.

To our nation's everlasting shame, on July 14, 1960, the US joined with the USSR in support of a UN resolution authorizing the world body to send troops to the Congo. These troops were used, not to stop the bloody reign of terror being visited on the rest of the Congo, but to assist Lumumba, the chief terrorist, in his efforts to subjugate Katanga. Within four days of the passage of that resolution, thousands of UN troops were flown on US transports into the Congo, where they joined in the campaign against the only island of sanity in all of black Africa.

Smith Hempstone, African correspondent for the Chicago Daily News, gave this firsthand account of the December 1961 UN attack on Elisabethville, the capital of Katanga:

"The UN jets next turned their attention to the center of the city. Screaming in at treetop level...they blasted the post office and the radio station, severing Katanga's communications with the outside world... One came to the conclusion that the UN's action was intended to make it more difficult for correspondents to let the world know what was going on in Katanga..."

A car pulled up in front of the Grand Hotel Leopold II where all of us were staying. "Look at the work of the American criminals," sobbed the Belgian driver. "Take a picture and send it to Kennedy!" In the backseat, his eyes glazed with shock, sat a wounded African man cradling in his arms the body of his ten- year-old son. The child's face and belly had been smashed to jelly by mortar fragments.

The 46 doctors of Elisabethville -- Belgian, Swiss, Hungarian, Brazilian, and Spanish -- unanimously issued a joint report indicating the UN atrocities against innocent civilians. This is part of their account of a UN attack on a hospital:

The Shinkolobe hospital is visibly marked with an enormous red cross on the roof... In the maternity, roof, ceilings, walls, beds, tables and chairs are riddled with bullets... 4 Katangan women who had just been delivered and one new-born child are wounded, a visiting child of 4 years old is killed; two men and one child are killed...

The UN atrocities escalated. Unfortunately, we do not have space here to devote to relating more of the details of this incredibly vicious chapter of UN history -- even though the progress toward establishing a permanent UN army makes full knowledge of every part of it more vital than ever. Among the considerable body of additional testimony about the atrocities, we highly recommend The Fearful Master by G. Edward Griffin; Who Killed the Congo? by Philippa Schuyler; Rebels, Mercenaries and Dividends by Smith Hempstone; and 46 Angry Men by the 46 doctors of Elisabethville.

In 1962, a private group of Americans, outraged at our gov't actions against the freedom-seeking Katangese, attempted to capture on film the truth about what was happening in the Congo. They produced Katanga: The Untold Story, an hour-long documentary narrated by Congressman Donald L. Jackson. With newsreel footage and testimony form eyewitnesses, including a compelling interview with Tshombe himself, the program exposed the criminal activities and brutal betrayal perpetrated on a peaceful people by the Kennedy Administration, other Western leaders, and top UN officials. I documents the fact that UN (including US) planes deliberately bombed Katanga's schools, hospitals, and churches, while UN troops machine-gunned and bayoneted civilians, school children, and Red Cross workers who tried to help the wounded. This film is now available on videotape, and is "must-viewing" for Americans who are determined that this land or any other land shall never experience similar UN atrocities.

After waging three major offensive campaigns against the fledgling state, the UN "peace" forces overwhelmed Katanga and forced it back under communist rule. Even though numerous international observers witnessed and publicly protested the many atrocities committed by the UN's forces, the world body has never apologized for or admitted to its wrongdoing. In fact, the UN and its internationalist cheering section continue to refer to this shameful episode as a resounding success. Which indeed it was, of one keeps in mind the true goal of the organization.

Why did the US side with the Soviet Union in supporting this "World Order" policy of genocide against a free people? It is explained by the New York Times editorial on August 16, 1961:

"We must seek to discourage anti-Communist revolts in order to avert bloodshed and war. We must, under our own principles, live with evil even if by doing so we help to stabilize tottering Communist regimes, as in East Germany, and perhaps even expose citadels of freedom, like West Berlin, to slow death by strangulation."


What will happen when UN comes to America?!

From left-wing publication Village Voice, June 24, 1997: (as reported by Texe Marrs)

"Two UN soldiers from Belgium will stand trial in their own country beginning next Monday on charges of roasting a live Somali child over an open fire during `peacekeeping' operations . . . A third Belgian soldier will stand trial for forcing another Somali child to drink salt water, vomit and worms."

Photos are included of both incidents.

From "Flashpoint" newsletter 10/97, by Texe Marrs (800-234-9673):

"Court affidavits indicate that many additional crimes have been committed by this same, UN, military unit from Belgium, as well as by UN troop from Canada, Italy, Turkey, Germany and the United States.

"Sent to strife-torn countries such as Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, and Burundi, UN forces engaged themselves in harsh genocide and acts of terror. Crimes committed include padlocking young boys in metal containers left outside in the scorching sun until they died from the heat. UN troops have also urinated on suspects, applied electrodes to victims' genitals, burned the soles of prisoners' feet with hot irons, and stripped flesh away from peoples' bodies with razor wire while those tortured screamed in agony.

"The UN peacekeepers have appeared rather proud of their foul deeds. Canadian troops took pictures of each other tormenting and slaying a captured Somali youth. They sent the photos back home to friends.

"One photo pictured elite paratroopers grinning as they stood beside the lifeless, blood-spattered torso of a teenager who had been beaten with a metal pipe, wooden baton, fists, and boots. The teen's feet were burned with cigarettes.

"The White House and its UN cohorts portray their global peacekeeping forces as imbued with humanitarian goodness. When President George Bush first sent US troops into Somalia under the UN insignia, the public s\was told that this was `Operation Restore Hope.' We're going there to feed a suffering people, said the President, and t bring peace and an end to chaos. We were portrayed by the media as the good guys, saviors of humanity.

"Then, in October, 1993, 18 US Army rangers were killed in a pitched battle with civilian militias in the streets of Mogadishu. An unruly mob spit on the disfigured bodies of their former tormentors. They dragged the dead soldiers' corpses through the streets, creating a grim display for the controlled world press.

"The American public was crushed. How could this be, many asked? We spend billions of dollars to send our elite troops there on a UN peace mission to feed these people, and they hate and fight us. Why? The answer was never forthcoming. The truth was censored out."

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Linda Thompson reported in AEN News in 1993 that the Somali people were angry at US troops because US helicopter door-gunners had been firing down on civilian women & children as a "diversion.") -GP

Back to Flashpoint newsletter:

"The fact is, from Burma and Rwanda to Peru and Haiti, UN peacekeepers are now busy making war on local leaders and their followers. Entire populations are being subjected to illegal, house to house searches. Suspects are rounded up and routinely tortured and abused. Young girls are often molested and raped.

"Communist chieftains are being exalted and installed in power while opposing locals are tracked down and hunted like wild beasts. The UN forces constantly stir up one faction against another, such as in Rwanda, where successive genocidal massacres occurred among rival Hutu & Tutsi tribesmen.

"Libya, then Sudan, Iran, Iraq -- wherever there are holdouts to the New World Order, leaders are being threatened: `Comply, or else -- you're next!'

"Once employed, the lawless troops of the UN move against the local people of invaded countries with supreme arrogance and consuming bloodlust. In Somalia, enlisted Italian soldiers of the UN kidnapped a pretty girl off the street, tied her to the front of an armored personnel carrier, and raped her. Their officers looked on. One Italian battalion commander, who happened to be a pedophile, ordered his troops to strip and hold down a young Somali, 13-year old boy. After the youth was sexually abused and sodomized, the Italian UN officer strangled him to death.

"One Italian paratrooper, justifying these vile acts, was quoted as saying, `What's the big deal? They are just niggers anyway.'

"A pretext will someday soon be created so that the people of America will, themselves, fall under the crushing jackboots of the UN oppressors. Remember -- the rampaging UN forces do not have a Constitution, law, or military code of conduct to restrain their lecherous acts of murder, rape, and torture.

"Many US troops, ignorant of the big picture, will simply follow orders. Germany's common soldiers did the same in the 30s & 40s when they obeyed their Nazi superiors. Later, they obeyed their Communist bosses in East Germany by shooting unarmed civilians attempting to bridge the Berlin Wall.

"In the view of could-eyed UN soldiers, you and I are just objects. In the eyes of the UN's bureaucrats and the Illuminati elite who covertly run the UN behind the scenes, we who continue to stubbornly love our country, proudly salute its flag, and endeavor to uphold the Constitution of the United States, are _worse_ than mere objects . . . We're all just niggers anyway, right?"

Do you support any of the "patriotic" groups that have joined the UN lately, as an NGO, such as the NRA or CWA? They claimed they joined UN to "keep tabs" on it for us . . . funny they are silent on these atrocities, like UN/US rape, murder & genocide!

... Remember KATANGA, UN genocide against Blacks! -- 1961

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