Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 10:29:53 -0600

The Court of appeals denied the Sweeney's appeal.

I was not involved in writing or submitting the appeal so I cannot detail the basis; however, from what I've seen so far, the appeals have totally missed the boat and the appeals court has no interest or obligation to look beyond the end of its nose, even if the only thing at the end of it is stinking manure.

Unfathomably, there was a quote in the morning paper, apparently from the First Circuit Court of Appeals to the effect they were certain the outcome (evicting the Sweeneys from their home) would have been the same in State court.

What?? When the State Court awarded the Sweeneys $2.3 Million Dollars and it is only because the file was corruptly and illegally removed to federal court to a judge the Fed's lawyer owes a major debt to, who then threw out the $2.3 Million judgement that the Sweeneys are looking at this outcome?

They have not yet bothered to give a copy of the order to the Sweeneys or their appellate lawyers. The Sweeneys learned of the ruling from the media.

The Sweeneys's case absolutely, without a doubt, exemplifies the pervasive corruption in our present banking and judicial system.

These people have been totally defrauded by a series of criminals, all of them operating under the color of the authority of the U.S. government.

ALL the players involved have one thing in common: Banking deals.

At the root of the corruption is banking and insurance company finance, and interdependence upon one another for rulings, legislation, campaign financing, that has saturated all our systems.

There is no more United States of America. Our country is run by a banking cartel of mobsters.

Our judicial system is comprised of political hacks, appointed by political whores who sold out their integrity for a buck a long time ago.

I have put up a webpage with the high points. Not everything is up yet but I hope to have it finished by tomorrow.

There is also a banner on it that links to the Sweeney webpage at Please copy this banner and put it out in newsgroups and on webpages and link it in Link Exchange.

The Sweeneys have inundated the Congress, the Courts, police and prosecutorial agencies, with enough evidence to drown a whale. Not one person has done anything. Not one.

Janet Reno is completely ignoring the facts presented to her as well.

The FDIC is putting out press releases, making themselves sound like the epitome of patience, having made all these $1 offers to the Sweeneys and claiming the Sweeneys refuse to negotiate -- complete and total lies.

The facts are that the FDIC has continuously threatened the Sweeneys with armed force, the FDIC has refused to meet with mediators, the FDIC has rejected six offers from the Sweeneys since July and has not made one single counter proposal.

ALL of the lies -- put out in a 14 page "press kit," no less, by FDIC -- have been posturing for one purpose: to shut up the Sweeneys, permanently, and to get away with it.

This is the same tactic used by Hitler: Demonize and Destroy.

It is the same tactic used to murder the Branch Davidians. Remember all the filthy stories about "David Koresh?" Somehow, people were so damned stupid that the filth thrown around about David Koresh was enough for them to say that all those people who had done absolutely nothing "deserved it," including 17 small children. What kind of insanity is this? What kind of people are we?

There is no other reason on God's earth why a federal agency would spend more than three times what the property is worth to fight the Sweeneys, while simultaneously rejecting money offers on their supposed foreclosure that even the director of FDIC has admitted was enough money.

No, this is about the Sweeneys' fraud, corruption, racketeering, perjury and obstruction of justice claims -- claims they have well documented at this point.

Last week, I received a warning message from a government official that the Sweeneys "better find a place to land" (move) soon. I believe this means that the Marshals will be sent to the Sweeney property shortly.

The Sweeneys are not leaving their property and they are doing this for you.

What are you doing for them?

At what point do we say "Enough"?

You weren't there for Vickie or Sammy Weaver, but you said there wouldn't be a next time.

You weren't there for the Branch Davidians, but you said, "That's the last straw."

You weren't there for all the people who have come and gone since then, many of them "suicides" by government agencies.

You weren't there for Shirley Allen, either.

Have you even picked up the damned phone and made a call? I didn't think so.

The hell with you. You deserve the government you have now and it's going to get worse.


Remember Waco. The Murderers are still free
(and running YOUR country.)
See the proof at the Waco Museum

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