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Linda Thompson
Black Helicopters
Response to yet another media whore doing yet another propaganda piece

There is nothing cosmic, paranormal, or ethereal about black helicopters. They belong to the U.S. military, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, based in Ft. Cambell, Kentucky, in Hopkinsville, KY. They park many of the helicopters at different locations where they are used, however.

The only reason the color black is significant is that only this one military unit gets this particular type of paint for its helicopters, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment ("160th SOAR") in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

The paint is called "CARC" and it is used because it is chemically resistant and non-radar reflective.

Other military units do get this paint for use on airplanes and other craft, except helicopters, however. If you look at military webpages of aircraft, you will find plenty of pictures.

The 160th SOAR is a military special operations unit that began as an intentionally covert, illicit and illegal arm of what was formerly called "Delta Force," which was a branch of 5th Group, Special Forces, and a "reserve" branch called 12th Group, the way special forces was FORMERLY set up. It was operated and funded through CIA and this alliance continues to this day.

Many former members also are now prominent in the media, which is why it has been a relatively simple matter for them to run the stories calling people exposing the activity of the 160th "loonies" or claiming the helicopters are associated with "UFO" activity, etc., in efforts to keep the public ignorant of the true military source and illegal purposes of these craft and their pilots and unit members. Robert K. Brown, of Soldier of Fortune Magazine, and his patsy, James Pate, are two examples. Joe Gelarden of the Indianapolis Star-News (the same company also owns the Arizona Republic) is another. Governor O'Bannon's press secretary is another. U.S. Congressional Representative Dan Burton's Chief of Staff is another (straight out of the 160th before he worked for Burton). These are just a few examples out of dozens.

Placing members in such prominent locations, it is quite simple to undermine Congressional investigations and place stories prominently in the media discrediting any "leaks" of truthful information.

In recent years, the military created two separate branches from what was formerly the legitimate "special forces" and this covert band of CIA-sponsored thugs operating under the cover of being "special forces." (You may remember "Operation Phoenix" and "Air America" as two examples of the CIA sponsored illegal activity of the illicit group).

Now, there is a separate military branch, known as special forces, and another, known as special operations.

Special Forces branch consists of the traditional "green berets," and "airborne" branch of the Army with a fairly long, special infantry, history.

Special operations is the bastard step child and brainchild of a bunch of former covert thugs and rogues of the self-styled "Delta force," that has gained "legitimacy" (through lobbying and funding) and is now its own separate branch of the military, headed in the pentagon by a Col. (probably a general by now) Sheldon. Immediately prior to his appointment to head special ops at the pentagon, he was the commander of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (See above. The 160th is the unit which has the black helicopters.)

These helicopters flew missions to decimate Panama, under the leadership of (now) "drug czar" MG McCaffrey. We show this same unit, the supposed "heros" returning from Somalia (broadcast on NBC and named by name) in a video that shows what they really did in Somalia -- firing down on crowds of civilians as a "diversion" while paratroopers were dropped into the area.

THAT, in fact, is how they train, to "create diversions" (by firing on any live target below) while they drop in members of their unit by parachute from the helicopters. They do this training in the U.S., over U.S. cities, frequently now, and they are training police in many of the same "special operations" tactics.

If you are seriously interested in black helicopters, go to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, which is located near Hopkinsville, KY.

There is what is called the "Pratt Museum," open to the public, but somewhat obscure, there. At the Pratt Museum, they have a training tape from the 160th playing continuously, made by the Army, where you can see black helicopters and the 160th in training missions. It's quite impressive.

They have an entire section on the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment there, with memorabilia from many of their missions, such as to Panama, Somalia, etc. Lots and lots of scenes of nothing but black helicopters, since that is all they have.

Then, if you can (they may not let you since I filmed them, they tightened security a lot), drive over to the airfield.

The 160th has a separate hangar there. They park a lot of dark green helicopters outside, usually, so they can make the claim they don't "really" have any black ones, "see, they're dark green?" But hang around long enough and you'll see black helicopters and black C-5A's among other things.

Likewise, they park a lot of these helicopters at other miltiary locations throughout the country, always among dark green ones. Anyone asking about them is shown the dark green ones with the bogus, "See, they're dark green" refrain.

It is usually simple, however, to film a dark green one parked directly adjacent to a black one and point out the differences.

At Ft. Campbell, the 160th also has a MOUT training area there (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain) which is a mock up of a city.

They also train soldiers to jump out of the helicopters there, often using the black helicopters, which is also one of the simplest ways to see them. Just sit around and wait. They fly over. Some of those used in training are marked, whereas the ones used in clandestine operations are not marked and any you find parked at military installations will not be marked.

I've noticed, of late, on some of the ones in our local area, that they have taken to putting big "red cross" emblems on some, apparently to give the impression they are rescue, however, I would seriously doubt that.

If you see a black "little bird," that is the simplest proof it is from the 160th. Go to DOD's webpage (do an altavista search for "little bird" and you will find DOD itself asserts that ONLY the 160th SOAR flies this particular helicopter.)

However, the 160th has a number of different types of helicopters, not just the little bird.

The 160th's unit patch is death on horseback, their motto is "Death Waits in the Dark." We have so thoroughly exposed them and what they do, that the Army Times did a PR piece on them, trying to portray them as "just folks," about a year and a half ago and ran what was, until that time, a picture of their "secret" patch (I had tried to buy the patch several times and through various sources and they did, indeed, up until the Army Times ran the story, try to keep the patch a secret).

Prior to the passage of the 1995 Omni-Bus Crime Control Bill ("1995 Crime Bill"), these helicopters and their special ops pilots, were used as a taxi service and private mafia by the FBI and DOE, with funding funneled through the Washington, D.C. government office "Organized Crime and Drug Control Task Force" ("OCDTF"), called the "Organized Crime Task Force," "Task Force," or "Racketeering Task Force," and "Drug Task Force," to be intentionally confusing and hard to find their phone number.

However, it is headed by Paul (may not be the right first name, my memory isn't what it used to be) Coffey (that's the right last name). Call D.C. information, ask for the "Organized Crime Task Force" number and call him.

Any federal agency could request funds for a "Drug Task Force" through OCDTF and get the funds, and merely claim it was for use to create a "drug task force." They did not have to account for how the funds were spent to anyone anywhere and they could use the funds to create a "task force" out of any government agency assets, including military, such as the 160th. As a result, multiple federal agency operatives created their own private "mafias" that were supposedly "drug task forces," but in actuality, have been involved in drug running, extortion and blackmail.

When the 1995 Crime Bill passed, these same people had requested (under the guise of "fighting crime") multiple and vast authorities to create "drug task forces," with federal funding, from any government agency asset, and got it.

They now operate far more blatantly than in the past, unfettered by any appearance of illegality, though what they are doing is not, in fact, at all legitimate.

The 160th now routinely participates, along with other military units, in training police and practicing "urban assaults" over U.S. cities, which has been widely reported in the media at this point.

Thus, for you to want to put this in anything associated with "conspiracy, cosmic whatever, and paranormal," is nothing more than the usual effort to ensationalize and discredit the truth, by associating what amounts to a military takeover in this country, through a combination of drug running, gun running, lobbying, blackmailing congressmen, and terrorism, with the usual pablum of "it's a conspiracy."

Well, bucko, it *is* a "conspiracy" and a whole lot of these murderers need to be put on trial for exactly that, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to distribute drugs, conspiracy to commit extortion, and a laundry list of other charges.

I'd personally appreciate it if you would go back to your handlers and tell them to kiss my ass.

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Linda Thompson

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