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Cyphernomicon 12.4

Digital Cash and Net Commerce:
Smart Cards

   12.4.1. "What are smart cards and how are they used?"
           + Most smart cards as they now exist are very far from being
              the anonymous digital cash of primary interest to us. In
              fact, most of them are just glorified credit cards.
             - with no gain to consumers, since consumes typically don't
                pay for losses by fraud
             - (so to entice consumes, will they offer inducements?)
           - Can be either small computers, typically credit-card-sized,
              or  just cards that control access via local computers.
           + Tamper-resistant modules, e.g., if tampered with, they
              destroy the important data or at the least give evidence of
              having been tampered with.
             + Security of manufacturing
               - some variant of  "cut-and-choose" inspection of
           + Uses of smart cards
             - conventional credit card uses
             - bill payment
             - postage
             - bridge and road tolls
             - payments for items received electronically (not
                necessarily anonymously)
   12.4.2. Visa Electronic Purse
   12.4.3. Mondex

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