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Cyphernomicon 12.2

Digital Cash and Net Commerce:
SUMMARY: Digital Cash and Net Commerce

   12.2.1. Main Points
           - strong crypto makes certain forms of digital cash possible
           - David Chaum is, once again, centrally involved
           - no real systems deployed, only small experiments
           - the legal and regulatory tangle will likely affect
              deployment in major ways (making a "launch" of digital cash
              a notrivial matter)
   12.2.2. Connections to Other Sections
           - reputations
           - legal situation
           - crypto anarchy
   12.2.3. Where to Find Additional Information
   12.2.4. Miscellaneous Comments
           - a huge area, filled with special terms
           - many financial instruments
           - the theory of digital cash is not complete, and confusion
           - this section is also more jumbled and confusing than I'd
              like; I'll clean it up in fufure releases.

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