Greetings all! Below you will find my version of Project Gutenberg's Science Fiction Bookshelf. Why do I mirror these books here, rather than just go to Gutenberg's website to get them? There are a couple of reasons I do this. First, not all of the ebooks books have covers in the files, so if you have an ebook reader that will display a thumbnail of the book when you are browsing your books, it won't show you anything very informative. I add a cover with the title and author to any that is lacking same. Second, Project Gutenberg organizes the files with numbers, so if you save the file to disk, you'll see something like pg6547.epub, so if you are attempting to copy the files from one device to another, you can run into a situation where you have a bunch of files in a directory that all have almost identical names, and you can't really tell one from the other just by looking at it. Instead, I name the files with the format "Author-Title.epub". This makes it much easier to tell what is what. One additional note is that Project Gutenberg makes the titles available in several different formats. Since I'm doing this primarily for myself, and I only read epubs, that is pretty much all you'll find here. If you find this to be useful, that is most excellent. I know I will.

Gutenberg is always adding new titles, so my list won't always be completely up-to-date, but this list is current as of 4/26/16. I plan to continue updating it, probably monthly.

Other Free Books


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Astounding Stories

Abbott, Edwin Abbott, 1838-1926

Abernathy, Robert

Ackerman, Forrest James 1916-2008

Anderson, Karen, 1932-

Anderson, Poul William, 1926-2001

Anvil, Christopher

Archer, Lee

Archibald, Joe

Arkin, Alan

Arnold, Edwin Lester Linden, 1857-1935

Arthur, Robert, 1909-1969

Ashwell, Pauline

Asimov, Isaac

Astor, John Jacob, 1864-1912


Bade, William L.

Baily, Peter

Banister, Manly

Banta, Frank


Barr, Robert

Barr, Stephen

Bates, Hiram Gilmore 1900-1981

Beck, C.C.

Bellamy, Edward, 1850-1898

Benoit, Pierre

Berryman, John 1919-1988

Binder, Eando

Bixby, Jerome

Blade, Alexander

Blish, James 1921-1975

Bloch, Robert 1917-1994

Blomberg, Con

Bond, Nelson

Bone, Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin), 1916-1986

Boucher, Anthony

Bova, Ben

Brackett, Leigh Douglass

Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012

Bradley, Marion Zimmer, 1930-1999

Breuer, Miles John

Brown, Fredric, 1906-1972

Brown, Rosel George

Buckner, Bradner

Budrys, Algis, 1931-2008

Burks, Arthur J.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950

Barsoom series

Pellucidar series

Caspak series

other SF

Burton, Russell

Butler, Ellis Parker


Campbell, John W. (Wood), 1910-1971

Arcot, Morey and Wade series

in series order

Capps, Carroll M., 1913-1971

Carleton, H. B.

Carr, Terry Gene, 1937-1987

Castle, Arnold

Causey, James

Chambers, Robert W., 1865-1933

Chase, Adam pseudonym of Stephen Marlowe

Clement, Hal

Clifton, Mark Irvin, 1906-1963

Clinton, E. M., 1926-

Clothier, Bill

Coblentz, Stanton Arthur

Cocking, Ron

Cogan, Alan

Coggins, Frank W.

Cole, Everett B., 1910-1977

Collins, Les

Colvin, Donald

Constant, Barbara

Cooper, Michael D., [pseud.]

The Starman series

Coppel, Alfred 1921-2004

Carroll, William

Cory, John

Cox, Irving 1917-2001

Cox, James A.

Cummings, M. A., 1914-1999

Cummings, Ray, 1887-1957

Curtis, Betsy


Daniel, Lucius

Danzig, Allen

de Courcy, John

DeKy, Thornton

Dee, Roger (Aycock, Roger D.) 1914-2004

Delany, Samuel R. 1942-

Del Rey, Lester, 1915-1993

Derleth, August

Derreaux, Gaston

De Vet, Charles V. (Charles Vincent) 1911-1997

Dick, Philip K. (Philip Kindred) 1928-1982

Diffin, Charles Willard 1884-1966

Doctorow, Cory 1971-

Doede, Bill

Donovan, Francis

Dorman, Sonya 1924-2005

Douglass, Ellsworth

Douglas, Jack

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930

Dryfoos, Dave

Duncan, David

Dunn, Jonathan

Dye, Charles, 1927-1955


Edmondson, G.C. (Garry C.) 1922-1995

Egan, Jack

Eisner, Simon

Ellanby, Boyd

Pseudonym of William C. Boyd and Lyle G. Boyd.

Endersby, Victor 1891-1988

Ernst, Paul, 1899-1985

Evans, Dean

Evans, E. Everett (Edward Everett), 1893-1958


Fahy, Patrick

Fairman, Paul W.

Farmer, Philip Jose 1918-2009

Farrell, Joseph

Fehrenbach, T. R.

Feldman, Arthur

Ferlaine, J. Anthony

Ferris, Benjamin

Fetler, Andrew

Fisher, David E.

FitzPatrick, R. C.

Flagg, Francis pseud. Weiss, George Henry 1898-1946

Flint, Homer Eon, 1892-1924

Fontenay, Charles Louis, 1917-2007

Francis, V. R.

Fritch, Charles E.

Fyfe, Horace Brown, 1918-1997


Gallun, Raymond Zinke

Galouye, Daniel F.

Garrett, Gordon Randall, 1927-1987

"Queens Own FBI" series

Garson, Vaseleos

Gault, William Campbell

Gerken, William

Gibson, Joe

Gilbert, Robert E.

Gimble, Stanley

Glad, Victoria

Glasser, Allen

Goble, Lloyd Neil

Godwin, Tom, 1915-1980

Goodale, Earl

Goodwin, Harold Leland, 1914-1990

Gordon, Nathaniel

Goulart, Ron

Graham, Roger Phillips

Greenfield, Taylor H.

Griffith, Ann

Griffith, George, 1857-1906

Grimm, Christopher

Grisewood, R. Norman

Guin, Wyman

Gunn, James E. 1923-


Haggert, W.T.

Hall, Desmond Winter 1909-1992

Hamilton, Edmond 1904-1977

Hamm, T. D.

Hansen, L. Taylor

Hardart, F.E.

Harmon, James Judson, 1933-

Harness, Charles Leonard, 1915-2005

Harris, Tom W.

Harrison, Harry, 1925-

Haseltine, Robert W.

Hasse, Henry 1913-1977

Hastings, Milo M. 1884-1957

Hastings, Joe L. 1926-2007

Heiner, Alvin

Herbert, Frank Patrick 1920-1986

Hernhuter, Albert

Hershman, Morris

Hilliard, A. Rowley

Hodgson, William Hope, 1877-1918

Hornig, Charles D.

Hoskins, Robert P.

Howard, Allan

Howard, Robert E., 1906-1936

Huber, Helen

Huekels, Jack G.

Hunter, Gene

Hutchins, Roy

Hyne, Charles John Cutcliffe Wright, 1866-1944


Ing, Dean, 1931-


Jacobi, Carl Richard, 1908-1997

Jacobs, Sylvia

James, Alex

Janifer, Laurence Mark, 1931-2002

"Queens Own FBI" series

Jarvis, E.K.

Jones, Bascom

Jones, Neil Ronald, 1915-1994

Jones, Raymond F., 1915-1994


Kallis, Stephen A.

Kastle, Herbert D. 1924-1987

Keeler, Harry Stephen

Keith, Donald

Keller, David Henry

Keller, Teddy

Kenyon, Ernest M.

King, Marshall

Kipling, Rudyard 1865-1936

Kirby, Jason

Knight, Damon Francis 1922-2002

Knight, David Carpenter 1925-1984

Kornbluth, Cyril M.

Kuttner, Henry

Kuykendall, Roger


Lande, Irving W.

Lane, Mary E. Bradley

Lang, Allen Kim 1928-

Lanier, Sterling E.

Lafferty, Raphael Aloysius 1914-2002

Laumer, John Keith, 1925 - 1993

La Spina, Fanny Greye, 1880-1969

Leache, Joy

Leadem, Christopher

Leahy, Tom

Lee, Stanley R.

Lee, William

Leftwich, Edmund H.

Leiber, Fritz Reuter 1910-1992

Leinster, Murray, [pseud.], (Jenkins, William Fitzgerald), 1896-1975

Lewis, Richard O.

Lindsay, David, 1876-1945

Locke, Robert Donald

Logan, William

Lohrman, Paul

Long, Frank Belknap, 1903-1994

Lorne, Warner Van

Lovecraft, Howard Phillips

Lowe, Richard E.

Lowndes, Robert Augustine Ward, 1916-1998

Ludens, Magnus

Ludwig, Edward W.


MacDonald, John D.

Macfarlane, Wallace

MacLean, Katherine

Maddren, Gerry

Marks, Winston K.

Marlowe, Stephen 1928-2008

Marmor, Arnold

Martin, Robert J.

Martino, Joseph P. 1931-

Mason, David 1924-1974

Matheson, Richard

Matthews, Brander, 1852-1929

Mattox, Alan

Max, Frederic

Mayfield, M. I.

McClatchie, Sam

McComas, Jesse Francis 1911-1978

McConnell, James

McKenty, Jack

McKimmey, James

Meek, Sterner St. Paul, 1894-1972

Merliss, R.R.

Merritt, Abraham, 1884-1943

Merwin, Sam, 1910-1996

Miller, Walter M. 1923-1996

Miller, R. DeWitt

Moldeven, Meyer

Mohler, Will

Moore, Catherine Lucille

Moore, Ward 1903-1978

Morris, G. A. (pseudonym of Katherine MacLean)

Morrison, William, pseudonym of Joseph Samachson 1906-1980

Morrow, Lowell Howard

Munro, John, 1849-1930


Neville, Kris Ottman, 1925-1980

Newman, Louis

Nolan, William F., 1928-

Noll, R. C.

Norton, Andre, 1912-2005

Nourse, Alan E., 1928-1992

Nowlan, Philip Francis

Buck Rogers


O'Brien, Fitz-James

O'Hara, Kenneth (Psedonym of Bryce Walton, qv)

O'Hara, Thomas J.

O'Keefe, John

Orton, Arthur W.


Palmer, R. A.

Pangborn, Edgar

Pease, M. C.

Peterson, Don

Peterson, John Victor

Piper, H. Beam, 1904-1964

This list constitutes the complete work of Piper. Some of them are still in copyright.

Terro-Human Future History series

in Future History chronological order

Paratime series

other SF

Pohl, Frederik 1919-2013

Porges, Arthur

Pratt, Fletcher

Pratt, Theodore

Purdom, Thomas Edward 1936-


Quattrocchi, Frank


Rand, Ayn 1905-1982

Raphael, Rick, 1919-1994

Reynolds, L. Major

Reynolds, Mack, [pseud.] Reynolds, Dallas McCord 1917-1983

Rich, Harold Thompson 1893-1974

Richardson, Robert Shirley 1902-1981

Richmond, Leigh

Richmond, Walt

Roarke, Jesse

Robin, Ralph

Robinson, Frank M.

Robles, Edward G.

Rocklynne, Ross

Rockwell, Carey, [pseud.]

"Tom Corbett, Space Cadet" series

in series order

Rockwood, Roy

Rubin, Mann

Ruch, Monroe K.

Ruzic, Neil P.


Sabia, Richard

Salton, William P.

Saphro, Charles

Savage, Arthur Dekker

Schachner, Nat 1895-1955

Schmitz, James H, 1911-1981

Scott, Kevin

Serviss, Garrett P. (Garrett Putman), 1851-1929

Sevcik, Al

Shaara, Michael

Shafhauser, Charles

Shallit, Joseph

Sharkey, John Michael

Shaw, Larry

Shea, Robert, 1933-1994

More recent historical fiction by Robert Shea.

The Saracen duology:

Sheckley, Robert, 1928-2005

Sheldon, Walt, 1917-1996

Shelton, Vaughan

Sholto, Ralph

Silverberg, Robert 1935-

Simak, Clifford Donald, 1904-1988

Slesar, Henry 1927-2002

Sloat, Edwin K.

Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer), 1890-1965>

Smith, Evelyn E., 19[27|37]-2000

Smith, George H., 1922-1996

Smith, George Oliver, 1911-1981

Smith, Phyllis Sterling

Smith, Richard R.

Sparks, David R., 1897-1968

Stamers, James

Starzl, Roman Frederick 1899-1976

Sternbach, Richard

Stearns, Charles A.

Stecher, L. J.

Stopher, Chas. A.

Stuart, William W.

Sutphen, Van Tassel 1861-1945

Sutton, Jeff

Sutton, Lee


Tabakow, Lou

Tadlock, Max

Tall, Stephen

Tarbell, Lee

Taylor, J.A.

Teichner, Albert

Tenn, William

Tenneshaw, S. M.

Tevis, Walter S. 1928-1984

Thames, C. H.

Thieme, Richard F.

Thiessen, V. E.

Thomas, Theodore Lockhard, 1920-

Thompson, Don, 1935-1994

Tinker, Joseph

Train, Arthur Cheney, 1875-1945


Urban, Helen M.


Vance, Gerald

This is a house pseudonym used at times by Randall Garrett, Robert Silverberg, Henry Slesar and Roger P. Graham.

Vance, John Holbrook

Vandenburg, G.L.

Van Scyoc, Sydney

Venable, Lyn

Verne, Jules, 1828-1905

Vincent, Harl, 1893-1968

Vonnegut, Kurt, 1922-2007


Wainwright, Ruth Laura

Wald, E.G. von

Waldeyer, Graph

Walker, Anne

Wallace, Floyd

Walton, Bryce (also known as Kenneth O'Hara, qv)

Wandrei, Donald 1908-1987

Wannamaker, Jim

Warner, Harry

Weinbaum, Stanley Grauman, 1902-1935

Wellman, Manly Wade, 1903-1986

Wells, Basil

Wells, Hal K.

Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946

Wertenbaker, G. Peyton

West, John Foster 1918-2008

West, Wallace 1900-1980

Westlake, Donald Edwin 1933-2008

Wicks, Robert

Wilcox, Don

Wilder, Stephen pseudonym of Stephen Marlowe

Wollheim, Donald A.

Williams, Lloyd

Williams, Ralph

Williams, Robert Moore 1907-1977

Williamson, John Stewart 1908-2006

Wilson, Richard

Wilson, Robert H.

Windser, Therese

Winterbotham, Russell Robert, 1904-1971

Wolfe, Bernard

Woodley, J. B.

Wright, Sewell Peaslee

Wylie, Philip



Yaco, Murray F.

Young, Robert F. 1915-1985


Zacks, Robert

Zagat, Arthur Leo 1895-1949